About Our Shirts



Expertly crafted and exquisitely finished, subtle or surprising, but always individual - Berry bring the art of detail, sewn in to every seam, to you.


Made from expensive yarn spun from Egyptian Giza Cotton, which is the highest quality of pure cotton fibre that is cultivated in the delta region of river Nile in Egypt.


Berry offers exclusive shirts in range from Two-Fold 100s, upwards till Two–Fold 200s yarn. The fabrics produced from those ultra-fine cotton yarn are designed in Italy with special constructions which show the stripes and checks with great clarity and brightness.


The range of these finest cotton shirts does not stop Berry to spoil their customers with luxury of further having their shirt range made from fine european Linens in 80s lea and in 100% Mulberry Silk Twill fabrics from China.


All shirts made at Berry are hand crafted and sewn in the world’s best Dorkopp Adler™ single needle machines that requires ages of experience and expertise to handle.


In order to keep the shirts perfect and impeccable after several washes and ironing, the stitching density is maintained at a level of 22 stitches per inch (SPI) using world’s top quality sewing threads, besides hemming in top-of-the-line accessories, trims and Pearl component buttons.


The master touch of handmade tailoring in each Berry shirt is to benchmark Luxury as a right to every individual owner of our shirts.