“I'm the proud owner of the first Berry Shirt in the US! I was very excited to receive the shirt and it met all of my expectations and more! The quality of the cloth is exceptional, excellent stitching, very modern cut, great detail and excellent. The shirts come with real cufflinks unlike other high end shirts that come with fake, plastic ones. The website is very user friendly and the shipment was very fast. I highly recommend the Berry Shirts brand to everyone! – Lokesh Jaiswal posted on BerryShirts Facebook Page”

Lokesh Jaiswal (USA)

“Excellent stuff. The shirt feels really nice. You have definitely saved us the hassle of buying from the likes of TM Lewin etc. And with this approach, you are not just making life long customers but also creating salerpersons (I believe every satisfied customer is an addition to your sales force).”

Raghav Chadha (Raghav Chadha & Associates)

“Hi, just now got d parcel, thanks. Loved d shirt nd packing, will try d fit nd let u know.”

Sanjana Jain

“Heartly Congratulations on your new brand and wishing you all the success in your new ventures. The product is extremely well done and has all the finess for a good shirt Once again wishing you all the very best.”

Vinay M.Yadalam

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Vikram D. Yadalam

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T. Kannan

“Better than any International brand!”

Arun Dang

“Story of WHITE SHIRT ... Interestingly boardroom games have to be fought in white shirts and black suits. When the things get intense, the jackets go off.. Leaving shirts to do all the talking. How do you differentiate a white shirt?? How do you emerge a clear winner, when everyone is in essentially a white shirt??? The answer is a well crafted shirt made of finest material with great craftsmanship. The pursuit takes me to luxury brands and the prices just seem insane.. Also it is about subtle silent aggression. A Hugo, a Givenchy or a Canali shouts out too loud and gives out a thought that is it real or a Chinese imitation. You just lose the turf. The tailors have forgotten the art. The regular brands acre cringing on cost of material and sacrificing quality for productivity.So where do I get the perfect boardroom shirt? Took a $100 risk on a Berry Shirt. First, it was a joy to wear. The feel and fit is just too good. So far i seem to be winning in the white shirt dominance game in boardroom. It really is luxury at honest price. - Anurag Anurag Singh posted on Berry Shirts Facebook Page”

Anurag Singh